We love our customers, and they love us, too!

We get so many wonderful comments from our customers, and each one warms our heart more than you could ever know. You are the reason we continue to create natural, handmade products, and YOU are the reason we are able to continue to follow our dreams.! Each and every one of you has made us smile, and your love and support is something we cherish! So a big THANK YOU goes out to our loyal Fizz-Heads, from the Bizzy Fizz Team, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to make this world a better place through the love of Fizz!

Pam in New Jersey

"Your baby line is now the ONLY thing I will use on my baby. The bum spray has saved me on numerous occasions (I'm very forgetful) when I have forgotten to pack the wipes. The baby bum balm cleared up my daughter's rash within a day-I couldn't believe it! I'll never use anything else. Thank you SO much!"

Wendy in Michigan

"Bizzy Fizz is a natural refreshing way to pamper yourself. I am hooked! The Achy Breaky is amazing! After working a long day, soaking in this heaven rejuvenates me. The lip balm is smooth and leaves my lips feeling soft and silky. I cannot believe a child has come up with such a wonderful product! Thank you Bizzy Fizz!"

Madison in California

"I have been ordering from Lush for years and I LOVE bath fizzes and the things I have ordered from you are better than the things I get from Lush! I feel so soft when I get out of the tub, and the scents were really nice."

Kelli in Texas

"They are so much bigger than I thought they would be, and so pretty I almost don't want to use them!"

Danielle in South Carolina

"I have never been in bath and body works and seen anything cuter than those bath candies. Perfect, perfect packaging! The bum balm is just wonderful stuff. I hate to admit it, but I rubbed some into my cuticles where I have these little dry skin tears which drive me insane. I loved it I loved it. I am so so so excited :) I'm getting ready to go sink into the tub with my all time favorite strawberry :)"

Julia in Michigan

"My children and I love the Bizzy Fizz products. It is very refreshing to use a product that feels good, smells good, and is good for you. They also make a great gift."

Victoria in Florida

"I just wanted to write and let you know we got our package of lovely goodies today! I have NEVER seen such well-made, nicely packaged bath products. Ever. In my son's bath tonight we used the Snakes and Snails Fizzy and HE LOVED IT! He loved it from the moment he dropped the Fizz Ball in the tub (which was simply fascinating to him) to the MOMENT the little Surprise! opened up. It was a tiny dinosaur sponge and I will tell you that my child (he is only 2.5 years old) has never actually TAKEN the sponge and soaped it up and CLEANED himself--Mama usually has to do all the cleaning. But he was SO EXCITED and grabbed that little sponge, perfect for little hands, and soaped and scrubbed until he was squeaky clean. He has never enjoyed a bath more than this one and he smelled divine and was so soft! I am going to have to save to buy a whole truck load of them! Thank you so much! All of the fizzies are beautifully made and smell so yummy. I can't wait for MY BATH TIME now! And I can't wait to give the Better Than Chocolate Box to my husband for Valentines. (He is a bath lover too.) I am so glad I placed my order. It was quick, easy, and arrived immediately. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I shall be doing more in the future--hopefully soon. That child of mine was BEGGING for more of the Fizz! (I ordered two, but the second one is really for my friend's son--I might have to steal it back and give it to her later!)"

Sandie in Michigan

"I wanted to let you know that I already gave out 3 of the bags, everyone loved the bags and absolutely loved the products, so thanks again!"

Stacie in Colorado

"It is a really neat product. The Alien fizzes well and the color and scent is nice. There are just enough stars to have fun and not too many to clean up, for mom. I will be trying the other products as well, they smell just as great and I am sure work just as well!"

Tiffani in Virginia

"Wow! What awesome bath fizzies! I am in heaven with these. I will definitely be purchasing more!"

Kathleen in Texas

"My daughter suffers from eczema which is greatly exasperated when wearing long pants. I have been using the Tiny Tushie Cream as a protective barrier on her more aggrevated spots. I have noticed a dramatic reduction in redness, scaling, and discomfort! Thank you Bizz Fizz."