Review Submission

Hey! We are glad you are here! So here are the details on the rules and regulations of earning free products. Ready?

• You can submit as many video reviews as you want, we love to see every one! After you upload the video to your page, let us know by sending a message to Please include your order number for the item you are reviewing or you can't get your free stuff!

• Free products can only be earned on reviews of PURCHASED product! You can certainly review any free product you have received, but you won't earn free merchandise for it. We DO check past orders to make sure everyone is following the rules!

• 2 is the maximum amount of free bath treats per review/order. That means if you ordered 5 items and do a video review of all 5, you can only get 2 free bath treats. If you ordered 1 item and do a review on it, you get to pick 1 bath treat....get it? Here's a list:

Review 1 item, earn 1 bath treat
Review 2 items with same order number, earn 2 bath treats
Review 3 items with the same order number, earn 2 bath treats (that's the max!)

• Please no nudity or profanity. Remember, the Creative Director is only 17--respect yourself AND us!

• Any free products earned will be sent to the address we have on file with your order. Sorry, this is non-negotiable.

• Have fun and be honest! We use reviews to improve upon our products as well, so if there is something you think we can improve upon, please give us constructive criticism!

Thank you for being a fan!