About Us


1. Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats was created in 2004 by the brilliant mind of a six year old boy. A homeschool science project of studying chemistry and reactions led us to create our very first bath fizzy. Skylar loved it so much that he started dreaming of all the different kinds he could make, ingredients, surprises he could tuck inside...his mind was exploding with names and ideas. It didn't take me long to realize there was no stopping him! I agreed to help produce his vision, and he started to give our fizzies away as gifts. Everyone loved them, and soon began to request more and more. They all loved our fizzies so much that Skylar decided to make a business out of it. So, not wanting to squash his dream, I decided to put our little company together. He came up with the name, and Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats was born.

We spent a year researching and perfecting our ingredients and technique, and after many months of development and trial and error, we made it happen. The response has been incredible! We are very fortunate to be able to create a family business where we can work together, and really have fun at the same time. It has been a great experience to watch Skylar grow with the company and I am SO PROUD of all we have accomplished. We look forward to many more years of creating, growing, and fizzing!!

2. Skylar has been selling his own creations and adding to the line for years. His mother, Laura, added her own products, such as the baby line, and they collaborated to design the best product on the market. Skylar currently works as Creative Director and Vice President of the company, and still makes notes about future products and what we can improve upon. Laura currently holds the position of CEO (among many other things).  Now, Skylar's little brother Logan is starting to join in, and has come up with some great product ideas of his own!

Since opening their online shop Bizzy Fizz has been featured in many different publications and the the team has met some incredibly amazing people. They will continue to make products that bring a smile to the face of their customers, whether there is a need for a mini-vacation, or just a fun bath for the kids!"

3. Why Choose Bizzy Fizz Products? We take pride in every item we make and always have you, the customer, in mind. Our philosophy is that if we would not use it on our own children, we would never sell it to anyone else. We support the small business vendors the way our wonderful customers support us--sometimes it isn't about the big stores and bright colors. It's about the people and true dedication behind the scenes.

We research each ingredient, test every recipe ourselves until it is perfect, and use only the finest ingredients. That is why our customers keep coming back. We purchase our ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals, and even if it costs a little more we will buy organic whenever we can. Each and every item is made fresh and in very small batches. We guarantee you won't be getting products that sit in a warehouse for months. It may take a little longer for production at times, but it's SO worth the wait.